Chinese Cupping

Chinese cupping also known as “fire cupping”, dates back thousands of years in China.  It is a part of  Chinese medicine often used with acupuncture and bodywork.  Today cupping is most commonly used with glass cups.  Glass cups are preferred by practitioners because they are easy to sterilize, use and come in different sizes.

Chinese cupping is a fairly simple procedure.  A cotton ball is soaked in alcohol(95%) and held with forceps. The cotton ball is then lit with a flame.  The fire from the cotton ball is then placed in the cup to heat it up, then the cup is placed on the skin as a suction is created by the heat in the cup.  Unlike massage that applies a downward pressure to the body, cupping applies and outward process to the body.  The outward process draws blood to the area, stimulates the underlying nerves, drains excess fluids and toxins, loosens adhesions and lifts connective tissue.

Indications: Chronic back pain, arthritis, swollen limbs, edema, respiratory problems, asthma, headaches, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression.

Performing cupping on injured areas promotes better circulation and speeds up the healing process of most injuries.

Though cupping usually leaves a mark on the skin, it normally goes away  in a few days.  Cupping should not hurt and can be used on children.

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